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Ibrahim Miiro : BIO

I am one of 4 boys raised by a single mum in south London. My early memories of my mother are of hard working woman with unlimited strength. As a filmmaker I have always drifted towards stories with strong female characters and leads. This began with ‘Chloe’ and has continued to this feature film.


Given my many years obsessing about this story, I feared that the story I was about to tell could become too personal. To counteract this, I spent 6 months working with an Surrey-based script writer to make sure that the screenplay My Day would have appeal on an a large scale. I was encouraged while writing to introduce an audience to a fascinating new world in the most authentic way possible, but also to create characters that would resonate beyond this particular city.


As a cinematic experience My Day will feel instantly like a classic British realist film. The opening visuals will illustrate a heavily populated, claustrophobic landscape and wider views of the bustling townscape, a grey sky pierced council estates. Once we have set up the environment My Day depicts a day in the life of typical London teenager but, she is homeless, as ally wonders from a hard floor under a bridge and into the night, dealers and pimps await. Ally can see the future mapped out in the form of Josie, weary , scarred and bitter after years of this life.

After the initial introduction to this bleak environment, Ally’s meeting with Frank shows a psychological turning point, but also a sensual one as Ally discover life can be more than this struggle. Through Ally’s eyes and ears we will experience this tumultuous world.


Ibrahim Miiro Photograph by Haasan Bitri